Off Season Is Here!!!!!!                                             Congratulations to all of all athletes that performed so well at the Association and Regional Championships.  Three of our members, Lelicia, Maddie C, and Madeline S. all qualified for the National championships in Kansas.   Maddie and Madeleine competed and represented EW well!

OFF SEASON IS HERE… Our off season from Track and Field is here, including USATF Youth Cross Country Meets.  Please see the membership and schedule pages for more details!!!! We continue with one day a week workouts, working on all individual events, and specific training regimens.   Pole Vault is being added as a single event training session as in the past.  Applicants need to contact the coaches for more information. 

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REGIONAL results…  Our Region is the southwest corner of the United States, creating a triangle from Las Vegas, North LA down to Mexico.      


 Association Championships… 

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March Mercury Meet pics…

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