Eagles Wings is On Hold!!!  

WOW!!!  It is almost September and we are still in limbo!   All activities of our Track Club will be suspended indefinitely as we strive to stay safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.  I will keep you updated over the next few weeks as we slowly reopen the phases that affect our program.  The Cross Country meets are postponed as of now, as our permitting process is at a standstill.  Schools may lift some restrictions and we will move forward as they do.   Our local youth association is very supportive during these times and will work with all of us to get through this!                    

2020 Track Season Has Arrived… Our regular and competitive season  is here.  Congratulations to all of our athletes who have competed at a high level at our track meets during last season.  In February, we will start our Track and Field training again, twice a week, through July.  We will participate in Track and Field meets throughout the spring and summer.  The year will be capped off by our Association Championships and Region 15 Championships here in San Diego in June.  Please see the membership page for details!!

Post Season Awards and Recognition:  Two athletes, Ryhs Vaughn and Amaya Bryant, were honored for their outstanding 2018 Track and Field seasons as San Diego Section Athletes of the Year for their respective age group.  Also, our 15-16G group was crowned California State Champions at the recently concluded games here in San Diego.  Our 13-14G, finished as the Runners-up among 30 teams in the event.  Congratulations to all of you who competed and your excellent results.

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REGION 15 CHAMPIONSHIPS…  Our Region is the southwest corner of the United States, creating a triangle from Las Vegas,  Los Angeles,  San Diego and Imperial.   The Championships were held in Las Vegas on June 21st-23rd.  The top 5 athletes in each event qualified  for the National Championships in Sacramento in July.  Our Club had a dozen athletes make the trip to Las Vegas, and competed at the highest level.  Four athletes will go to the Nationals, and Madeleline Seabolt left there as the Champion in the Javelin.  Also qualifying were Kapi Coleman in both hurdles, Rhys Vaughn in the High Jump, and Ethan Hughes in the Long Jump and Triple Jump.


 ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIPS…The San Diego/Imperial Association Championships were held on June 8th and 9th, 2019 at Orange Glen High School.  The top 8 athletes in each event qualifed for the Regional Championships in Las Vegas. We had 21 athletes that qualified for the Regional meet.  Our Club had many County Champions.  Kapi Coleman was a dual winner in both hurdle races.  Amaya Bryant was also a dual winner in the High Jump and Long Jump.The Seabolt sisters, Madeleine and Jacqueline, won the Javelin in their respective divisions.  Ethan Hughes soared to a victory in the Long Jump, and Rhys Vaughn leaped to a victory in the High Jump.  Congratulations to all!!

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